Saturday, February 27, 2010


My friend Kate came for a visit a couple of weeks ago. Our friendship has forever been long distance and now that we live on the west coast we see each other less and less. BUT, thanks to the snowmageddon in D.C. (and something about a PT conference), she needed a little California sunshine. Our visits are never long, but always fun.

As soon as she got here we headed to The Grove for some grub. We opted out of the hour-long wait at most places and settled for outdoor eating at a Greek restaurant. After a little walking around we headed to Hollywood to stand in line at the Laugh Factory for a little stand-up comedy. I had prepared myself for the inevitable inappropriateness of the jokes, but none of us were prepared for the unexpected guest....Dane Cook himself! When they announced him we were all looking at each other and screaming. A little star struck I suppose. Classic moment nonetheless.

Day 2 consisted of more patio eating and a movie. We saw Valentine's Day since....well, it was Valentines Day. I was pleasantly surprised. Not the typical, cheesy romcom I was expecting. We knocked Kathryn's socks off with a trip to Golden Spoon....a heavenly selection of non-fat frozen yogurt. And then we ended the night with a steak dinner. What else for V-Day...but steak?

We spent the entire next day in one of my favorite places....Pasadena. We shopped and ate....and ate some more. Breakfast at Noah's Bagels, lunch at P.F. Changs and dessert at Polkatots. Kathryn has this weird obsession with cupcakes. Just kidding....but seriously, she has to get a cupcake in every city she stops in. Seriously though (again) I admire her keeping up the tradition and enjoy the benefits of being with her when she continues it. I think this one was cookies and creme. YUM!

Since Kate had to be in San Diego for a conference, we spent Tuesday in San Diego. We had lunch overlooking the beach at Hotel Del, walked around Balboa Park, did some shopping and ended with some tasty Italian food after catching a west coast sunset. Sounds too good to be true...I know.


Christie Lehren said...

always love when friends get to reunite for fun visits! sounds fun!

Kathryn said...

Girl, you can call me Kathryn. Kate sounds weird coming from you! :)

Had a blast, friend. Hope you're not too sick. :(