Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

Hi readers! I know you have probably given up on me....but don't give up quite yet. I have finally made it well into the 2nd trimester and finally started feeling better around week 17. Just to put into perspective how sick I was...I haven't gained a pound and I am 18 weeks along. Just thought I'd make sure you didn't think I was MIA for nothing.

As soon as I started feeling better I got to work on a project that has been haunting me for months. During my many hours in the bathroom the first 17 weeks of my pregnancy I figured out that I really needed a change in the decor. Hey, who says your can't multitask whilst vomiting?!

The first thing the bathroom desperately needed was a nice coat of paint. I went back and forth on the color, settled on a light green, but then spontaneously picked up a light blue and threw it on the wall without reserve. I'm crazy like that...but thankful I actually liked it on the wall. The next change was the shower curtain, which I already had. I added a few cheap apothecary jars from T.J. Maxx and then filled one with Christmas snow and ornaments and the other with Cotton balls, which I use everyday. Another cheap find was the Christmas tree on the counter-$8.99 from Homegoods. I would have definitely made this to save the money, but I have way too many projects to do right now and needed to save the time a little more than the money. I still need to fill the third apothecary jar, add few things to the shelves behind the toilet and add some pictures to the wall, but we are at least on our way. Next project, Christmas decor!