Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day Date

Patrick is in an extremely busy season with school and work right now, so I was thrilled when we were able to successfully mark out an entire day to hang out together. I love those dates....the ones that last all day. Since we had company coming in on Saturday (which I will be posting on soon) we decided to take a day trip to Santa Barbara. We started the morning with a stop and Noah's Bagels and Peet's Coffee in Pasadena. Mmmm. We rarely make a stop for bagels since the nutrition facts usually haunt me, but every now and then I can savor every bite.

The drive up the coast was are most drives up the west coast.

We of course ran into traffic. It wouldn't be L.A. without traffic right?!

Our next stop was the Santa Barbara Mission. We took a guided tour and loved getting in on the history....especially since Patrick was a history major. It was quite a sight.

As soon as the tour was over we hurried into the mountains for lunch at Cold Spring Tavern. It was tiny and in the middle of nowhere. I can't count how many times we kept saying "Maybe we should have updated our maps like the Garmin keeps telling us." It seemed like we were on the flag forever, but we finally found it and joined the line of people waiting. Lunch was good once we got inside. We even saw an Auburn fan and were sure to shout out a little "War Eagle!" Don't judge us. We told him we were DAWG fans, but you get excited to see anything SEC when you are out west okay?!

The rest of the day featured shopping on State Street and a stop at the outlets.....oh and a ridiculous amount of traffic all the way home. Oh....and surprise....looks like Santa gets tired of cold weather too...apparently he has his own place in SoCal.


Lauren Dorman said...

Love the War Eagle shout out!! SEC is the BEST!

crazyinlovewithjc said...

I'm making the mission my background picture!! I like it!!

crazyinlovewithjc said...

P.S. You get lot's of comments!!

Jenny said...

Santa Barbara looks beautiful. I just finished watching "Vertigo" for my film class, and they shot some scenes at that mission.