Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 Weeks and Counting

I promise that once I get through the worst nausea of my life, I will blog about something other than our little bean, but right now, I have nothing else going on besides this has taken over my life. Talk about a run-on sentence. Point being: I have to update you on the baby because it's the little things that keep me going at this point.

Size of Baby Mitchell: Barely the size of a kumquat (just over an inch)
How can something so small cause this much change in my body?

All vital organs are in place and are starting to function to some capacity.

My belly: Barely showing, but I do have a small bump....which could just be the bloating. :) No need for maternity clothes yet.

Baby Mitchell is growing finger nails and peach fuzz this week. It's arms and legs are longer now and the fingers and toes are no longer webbed (whew!). In fact, Baby Mitchell is apparently kicking up a storm right now, but is still to small for me to feel. Weird huh?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Intentional Thankfulness

When I'm tempted to complain about my nausea or exhaustion, I try to redirect my thoughts and words to thankful ones....

Meet Baby Mitchell-8 weeks old

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Living Room Revisited

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been battling awful nausea and "morning" sickness that lasts all day long. I hardly want to eat so I definitely don't feel like blogging. BUT, today has been a good day, which includes eating a bowl of soup for lunch, so I thought it might be good to update you on a few changes we've made to our living room. We've made some changes to other rooms, but I need to save those so I have something to blog about another day. :)

Most importantly, we painted the walls. I liked the off-white look we had when we moved in, but since I put a light slip cover on our couch and got white lamps, it all looked like a wash to me. I needed to make the light accessories pop, so we had a painting party and painted the living room Favorite Tan-a Sherwin Williams color. I love it! We actually painted our bedroom the same color, but those pictures will come later. While we were in painting mode, we painted the entry way Comfort Gray-another Sherwin Williams color that looks more like light blue than gray.

In addition to painting the walls, and adding some bookshelves, I added the colorful pillows to the couch. They matched perfectly with the red ones and brought out the home-made $11 blue curtains behind the couch. Now, I must pat myself on the back for the thriftiness here. I searched high and low for these pillows. I didn't know exactly what they would look like, but I knew what I was looking for. I looked frantically and waited patiently for months....many months. I looked online, at fabric stores, and everywhere in luck. My sad story turned around when I saw some cheap laundry bags at World Market that had the print that I needed for my pillows. I looked everywhere and asked if they had the pillows, but no pillows....just a laundry bag. I quickly realized that this was even more perfect because I could slip my pillow right into the bag, cut the extra fabric and I would only have to sew one side shut. So....that is exactly what I did. It isn't pretty if you look at that one side, but shame on you if you look at the seams on pillows when you visit your friends.