Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Gender....Revealed

Many of you already know that Patrick and I found out the gender of our baby this week! It was such an exciting time and we were so blessed to get to share it with so many people we love. We arranged to have cupcakes made in Savannah (for my family) and Knoxville (for Patrick's family) with either blue or pink icing....depending on our news. We called the bakeries from the DRs office as soon as we were done with the ultrasound and told them what color to dye the frosting. Our parents picked up the cupcakes and met the family back at the house to open the box together. It was so much fun to surprise them in a creative way.

We did something similar for our friends here in St. Louis...except I actually dyed the cupcake and covered it up with white icing. We had 20-30 people over that night for food and fun. They came dressed in pink or blue...depending on what they thought it was. We took a vote and then Patrick bit into the dyed cupcake to reveal the or pink. It was such a fun way to share our news!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thankful Thanksgiving

We just got back from a long, but glorious road trip home for the Thanksgiving holidays! We spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws in Tennessee and will be spending Christmas with my family in Georgia. The trip was full of family, great southern food, beautiful mountains, cold weather, SEC football and lifelong friends. Here are few pictures from our trip. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!