Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guest (and secretive) Blog

So Lindsey has no idea I've done this...marriage is full of surprises though. I wanted to stop by and do a couple things. First, I'll brag, followed by theological ramblings.

BRAGGING: Lindsey is now 14 weeks pregnant--for the mathematically challenged, that means the first trimester is finished (can I get a double-raised hand Hallelujah!). She's been a trooper battling sickness at any and all hours. My lady has also developed an aversion to dairy...not by choice mind you; her body just rejects it and if ingested it's but a moment before she's hunched in the bathroom. Thankfully, Chick-fil-a is not dairy.

While I would expect someone in this state to be complaining and whining, she's resorted primarily to silent suffering. When I get a sore throat I'll put an ad in the paper letting you know it's sore, and then I'll give puppy dog eyes to Lindsey, as if to say, "Pwwease take care of me." Not Lindsey.

The other day as I was sitting comfortably in my leather recliner (aka-man's throne), Lindsey asked a brief but theologically packed question: "What's your curse again?" She was of course referring to the sin of Adam and Eve and the subsequent curses placed on them by God. It's true though; women do seem to have it harder than men. You have to put up with men first of all. But you're the one who gets pregnant, whose body does magical--sometimes inhuman things, and it is you who gives birth in excruciating pain.

RAMBLING: Now, what's my curse? I think it's that I'm supposed to sweat when I work or the ground will be difficult to cultivate or something like that. But let's pretend we're in church and be honest: the bulk of my days are spent reading, thinking, and writing (also in a leather chair = throne). I also preach, but that's another calling altogether. More and more, though, I'm realizing the tremendous weight to my calling as a husband, namely, that I'm eternally responsible for the spiritual health of Lindsey. I will give an account for how I ministered to Lindsey well before any church questions start flyin' my way from Yahweh Himself. Pregnancy is an extra special time to minister. So to all the ladies, I commit to preaching and teaching men that it's our responsibility to lead well in sacrificial humility.

I hope I'm serving you well babe. Thank you for carrying this child and for not hating me that I've done this to you. As an excellent wife you are, as Proverbs 12.4 says, my crown. I wear it gladly and with gratitude. Love you momma.