Sunday, August 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home

The moving truck finally arrived on Friday morning! Yeah! We spent all day unpacking and trying to get settled. It is so easy to forget how much stuff you really have until you are trying to fit it all in a studio apartment. We have done all we can for now. The outside storage and laundry room isn't finished yet, so we are at a stand-still until we can get the rest of the boxes into the storage room. I did take a break from the shuffle on Friday to go to an interview at a great school in Claremont. Last week Patrick and I hit up fifteen schools with my resume and I will hit another fifteen on Tuesday. Because of the budget situation as well as the credentialing process in California, it is impossible for me to get a job in the public school system this semester, so we have been hitting all the private schools within a 30 minute drive in all directions. It would be ridiculous to worry about it, considering God's faithfulness in all of the details that brought us to this place. We are so eager to get settled so we can check out L.A. and all of the amazing places out here. We will be sure to post pictures of our new place as soon as we get it all together. Love you guys!

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Brian and Marie Jobe said...

We love you guys and are so happy for you! Our love and prayers are with you.