Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coming Along

We have quickly realized how much we miss SEC football. Patrick and I had an awesome night rooting for Tennessee at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Monday night. Although UCLA took the win, it was a great game to watch. We spent all afternoon tailgating and drinking some authentic southern sweet tea....another thing I miss about the south. Patrick and I have done everything we could do to try to guarantee getting the SEC games on TV, but we can't get around the blackouts. We ended up having to buy the UGA/Central Michigan game today. Insane.

The "settling in" is coming along very slowly. We are still waiting on our laundry room/storage room to get finished, so we have boxes everywhere. We have creatively made a small path from the front door to THE ROOM (which, is what I will refer to our home as since it is literally one big room....other than the bathroom and kitchen). We are hoping to have everything settled in by Monday.

Many of you know how difficult it has been for me to find a teaching job out here. California is in a budget crisis and has had to let go a vast majority of their teachers. If any jobs come available, the previously employed educators get dibs. I did, however, interview at a Catholic school earlier this week and was offered the job yesterday! Yeah! Although it is just a temporary position while the teacher is on maternity leave, it will buy me some time to get my credentials transferred to California. Until next time......

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Brian and Marie Jobe said...

Congratulations on the new job! I was just praying for you today. Love you guys and miss you!