Sunday, August 24, 2008

Road Trip Day 7

Day 7
So, I know this post is pretty late.....sorry. We have been crazy busy trying to find a place to live in Cali. I am, however, going to finish the road trip series to put closure on the whole thing. On day 7 we left Flagstaff, Arizona to head to Vegas with a stop at the Grand Canyon. We were a little nervous that we may not be able to get in because of the dam flooding, but it worked out that it was open. When we got to the gates of the Grand Canyon we both acknowledged that we couldn't believe we were actually here. We had seen pictures in movies and always knew what it was, but we were about to see it with our own eyes! We were so excited and we weren't let down in the least. It was AMAZING! If you have never seen it in person, you must. Patrick and I couldn't believe how off our depth perception was. It is near impossible to fully grasp how absolutely humongous it is. For as far as the eye can see there is nothing but canyon and rock. I must say that if you do ever get the chance to go, take bug spray. We were attacked by these minutely tiny bugs that we could only see against Patrick's white shirt. I can't say much more about the Grand Canyon but "WOW!" You just have to see it for yourself.

After we had a quick bite for lunch, we started the drive to Vegas. Neither of us have been to Vegas, but we had heard crazy stories. Vegas was insane. We ate dinner on the strip and walked around for a couple of hours. There is so much money in Vegas. The buildings and entertainment are huge and very "in your face." There is actually a roller coaster that goes through part of the strip. I can't explain it. It has the same effect on adults as Disney World has on children. Second to money, sexual content saturates the city. There are newspaper holders on street corners full of magazines displaying women for hire. Every few feet there are people trying to give you a card advertising a woman for hire. There are driving billboards full of provocative images. It is terribly sad. Even the coffee shops involve sexual content. We passed by a coffee shop that was named Sexpresso, as opposed to Expresso, where women would serve coffee in lingerie. That is ridiculous. We walked through the casinos and watched people squander hundreds and thousands of dollars away. You can't imagine how luxurious and high-class some of these casinos are. We walked through the famous Bellagio, Venetian and many other casino/hotels. We did gt the chance to watch the dancing fountain at the Bellagio. It was awesome and even romantic! If you ever go to Vegas, you have to see it. Besides, it was cool getting to stand where the gang from Ocean's 11 (or 12?) stood after they robbed Benedict.

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