Friday, August 15, 2008

Road Trip-Day 1
Well, we said our good-byes and hit the road on Wednesday. It is always difficult to close a chapter of your life and step into the unknown. There were some tears shed and many hugs exchanged, but there was an overall sense of joy and excitement for how God is moving in our lives. Our first stop was Atlanta, Georgia. Our original plan was to take a visit to Turner Field to watch the Braves play the Cubs, but the weather didn't look promising so we went with a Plan B (which we are glad we did since the Braves got killed). Our trip was short, but we met up with Jess (we go WAY back) and Jason for some yummy pizza. It was so great getting to hang out one last time!

Road Trip-Day 2
We left Atlanta on Thursday and twelve hours later we were in Dallas, Texas. The drive actually wasn't that bad until we got into Texas. We did get to see the Talladega race track, which was fun. We drove through Alabama, Mississippi, crossed the Mississippi River into Louisiana, but once we got into Texas there was nothing but flat land for miles. BORING. We finally got to Dallas last night around 9pm. We have included a fun picture of Bailey after giving him some Dramamine.


Lori Barlow said...

Hi Lindsey and Patrick- I have been checking your blog and i am glad to see you guys are have a safe trip so far. Be careful and we love you. Lori

bill said...

Lindsey and Patrick, I'm glad yall are o.k. Please call me when you get there in California. I love yall a bunch and take good care of her Patrick.

Kate G. said...

Wahoo!! Postings! It's about time... I'm settling in for some happy reading.