Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here We Are

I know you have been looking for us. I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have posted. Time flies when you are having fun. I am going to be posting a few separate posts over the next few days to try to catch you faithful readers up on what is going on. As mentioned in a previous post, we go on a "trip" every month with Lindsay and Harrison Huxford, our fellow Georgians who somehow ended up in Cali at the same time as we did. I posted our "January Jaunt" to Hollywood and Beverly Hills, but somehow neglected to post our "February Fieldtrip" and "March Madness." Don't judge. You know you like the alliteration.

Our "February Fieldtrip" consisted of a driving tour of Sunset Boulevard. Most of our pictures are in the car, but there was plenty to see. We started at Dodger Stadium and headed west. We saw the Griffith Observatory, "Sunset Strip", the 90210 area code, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and pricey Bel Air neighborhoods. We drove just a few miles from where one of the Manson murders took place, and searched Kenter Ave. for the "site O.J. Simpson may or may not have committed a murder." How do you like for a politically appropriate description?! We kept going west to the Pacific Palisades, where Schwarzeneggers live and finally ended on the Pacific Coast Highway overlooking the Pacific. It was great. There is simply too much to see.

Our "March Madness" trip consisted of day trip to The Getty Museum. There isn't much to say here. We took the tram up the mountain, where the Getty sits at the top, overlooking the valley. It is full of marble, glass walls, courtyards, fountains, and fantastic artwork. It was a beautiful day to go. We took a walk in the garden, which is a piece of art itself.

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