Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Humble Abode

So, we finally got our new place together enough to post some pictures. We were so excited when we found this little place in Glendora. We used to always take random drives around Glendora looking for "For Rent" signs. The problem was finding affordable rent. We agreed that we would only make a lateral move when it came to cost. As much as we loved the gumdrop tree-lined street of downtown Glendora, we weren't willing to go through the hassle of moving if our cost were going to go all. The chances that we would find anything were highly unlikely, but we were hopeful. Glendora is one of the higher priced areas....and rightfully so. This small town is as cute and quaint as can be. We love it. The baristas and the local coffee shop know me by name and every Saturday morning Glendora Avenue is lined with retirees comparing their classic vehicles.....this is what I mean by small town. Anyway, we actually weren't even looking for this place when we found it. It isn't much bigger than our previous studio, but we actually get a bedroom in this place! California you get excited about being able to live in a place with one bedroom. Things are cozy, but we don't mind it at all. Enjoy the pictures.

1 comment:

Kate G. said...

Man, that blue wall... You guys sure have great taste in paint!

The place looks great, Linds! The flowers on the porch, the new stuff over the bed, and I think I spied new decor in the bathroom? It didn't go unnoticed-- good job. :)