Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Time

My family was finally able to make it out to the west coast a couple of weeks ago....well, most of the family. Erica, you will be coming out soon enough! Our week was packed with a ton of site seeing, but we still couldn't get to everything. We spent the last couple of days doing nothing because we were so exhausted....mainly from traffic. We hit Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. We were able to see a dancing scene being filmed for the show "Weeds" when we were visiting the Kodak Theater. I have never seen "Weeds", but it was awesome getting to see a live filming for a closed show. We spent a day shopping in Pasadena and made a quick stop to see the house that was the setting for "Father of the Bride." We took a drive up Pacific Coast Highway from Laguna Beach to Santa Monica. We went through the slums of Long Beach (I got off track as the navigator), tracked down Matt McConaughey's new house in Malibu, let Bailey swim at Huntington Beach and then made it to the Santa Monica pier for a beautiful night view. We chased down the sun just in time for sunset...we literally chased it down. It was a long day, but it was gorgeous. Patrick and I are already getting excited about planning our road trip up the coast for next year.

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