Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here Comes the Weekend

I love Fridays. After a long week of keeping fourteen five year olds under control while using various pedagogical techniques to teach them phonemic awareness and mathematical processing, the weekend looks really nice (aren't you impressed that I can still use the big words I learned in my education classes?!). This week has been one of those weeks where I find the concepts I am teaching to be so basic, that they are extremely difficult to teach. For instance, there are moments in the my teaching vocation, where I just simply can't come up with any other way to teach position words, letters or numbers. I come up with a million creative ways to teach it, but there is always a student who struggles with these basic concepts. That is why I love Fridays. Fridays bring forth the weekend, which provides me an opportunity to regroup and come back in on Monday with the motivation it takes to create and try one more creative method to teach the basic concepts. With that being said, we have a full weekend ahead. Tomorrow night Patrick and I are heading to Santa Monica to check out the Third Street Promenade, maybe the Santa Monica Pier or even a blues club I've scoped out. I am so excited about finally getting out and doing something after a month of "getting settled." Saturday morning I am rising early to head a few cities east to take the California Basic Education Skills Test, which is required to work in the public school system. I am currently at Classic Coffee in Glendora, which is one of my favorite quaint little towns. I came to study while Patrick is in class, but needed to take a break from fractions. If I can get past fractions and pass (and let's hope I do), I will be able to at least sub in the public schools come November when I am jobless once more. PAUSE-I just got kicked out of the coffee shop because they closed and am now sitting on a bench with no one in sight, waiting on Patrick to come get me. Awkward. I'm glad I have some battery on my computer and free WiFi. Lastly, the "new" college/young adults service starts up this weekend. I say "new" because we are essentially moving the service from Tuesday nights to Sunday nights, but it is going to be great! Have a great weekend!

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