Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Annual Testing of the Mitchell Marriage

There comes a time every fall when true love is tested. Two universities, both committed to excellence in the classroom (though one more than the other) and both committed to excellence on the football field--two traditions that maintain immense respect for themselves and one another. And yet on this single day, although all energy and effort will be left on the field, only one will leave the field victorious.

And so it was on this fateful fall day, when the University of Tennessee entered into Sanford Stadium to challenge the Georgia Bulldogs between the hedges. What was at stake? Glory, bragging rights, pride...and yes, the relationship of a blonde Georgia native and her Tennessee bred husband. Would the clash between their respective schools (though neither attended either) be a peaceable day, or would it be one of hard feelings and hateful glances?

Let's be honest--Tennessee isn't having their best year. In support of UGA making it to Atlanta for the SEC championship, and hopefully the national championship, Patrick--my beloved husband--secretly cheered on the Dawgs. I assured him it wasn't betrayal. And so, there was no hatred, no harsh words, only gasps and cheers. Rest assured, Patrick wasn't pleased with Tennessee's play, but how can you not pull for Mark Richt?


Kate G. said...

Hahaha... Love it! Thanks for the support Pattymitch. The Vols gave a respectable showing.

Go Dawgs!

Kate G. said...'s time to blog again!!! I'm waiting...