Thursday, October 23, 2008

UPDATE--I'm Lame

I am lame. The last two weeks have been a whirl wind, and I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted. It won't happen again. I am still committed to posting two times a week, and this post can count for last week. I will use this post to fill you guys in on what has been going on here and then I will post some fun pictures tomorrow of our pumpkin carving last night. I am also going to be posting some updated pictures of our place, which I hope can give you a better idea of it's layout....and size.

First things first--I have "unofficially" passed the Basic Skills test in California. YEAH! I say "unofficially" because the scores were sent via email and the "official" scores will come in the mail. This means that I can now begin to sub in the public school system....which opens up a can of questions. One of those questions is: How long do I substitute teach without a job offer, before I just get another job that allows us consistent income? We are bouncing around ideas about how to work toward the long-term goal (my being a professor of education) while still achieving the short term goal (saving my income for a down payment on a house that will allow me to stay at home with our future children). I am going to be applying for adjunct professor jobs in the area, as well as some PhD programs. We will see what happens.

Patrick is loving his job. He was a little overwhelmed last week, as he had three speaking engagements to prepare for, as well as his first Hebrew test. This week (today actually) he is sitting on a panel with pastors at the church to answer different questions the church members sent in. Patrick is answering "Why does a loving God send people to hell?" Intriguing. There are some other great questions and answers by the other pastors on staff too!

We will be having our first REFUGE tomorrow night. REFUGE is a college gathering we have once a month to study in-depth and prepare to practice spiritual disciplines. We are extremely excited about the first REFUGE and can't wait to see what God has in store for the College ministry at CCV. Lastly, Patrick will be speaking for the first time at the College/Young Adults service in a couple of weeks. Please be praying that the Holy Spirit will guide him as he prepares for that.

So, there is a quick update about how things are going here. I will be posting at least two more posts this week and I will not ever go two weeks without posting again. Love you all.

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Kate G. said...

You're back!! I missed you friend. Thanks for the post-- can't wait to see pictures!

BTW, I checked out Them Chandlers-- she's funny! ...and she calls pumpkin spice lattes PSLs too!