Monday, September 29, 2008

Picture Worthy

My cousin has officially informed me that I am not blogging enough. I admit, things have been pretty inconsistent, but I am hoping to start posting a couple times a week now. Patrick and I committed ourselves to getting things put away around here this past weekend. Actually, he invited people over to watch Georgia play Alabama and we were pretty much forced to get it done. Although it mainly consisted of moving what was crowding "The Room" into the laundry room (where it is currently crowding all walking space), we went out and splurged on a few things that really helped tie things together. We are taking one area at a time. This weekend we finalized the bed area, the front porch, and got quite a bit done with the entry way. There is still much more to do, but I wanted to give a preview of the areas that are completed or close to being completed. We love you all!


Kathryn said...

Your cousin was right-- yay for more blogs! The place is SO cute...that's some studio! And I love how the Georgia G is on the top of the fridge and T is on the bottom. :)

khayse said...

we love the pictures!!! the place looks great! we love and miss you guys! Katie and Justin