Sunday, September 21, 2008

According to Jim

Patrick and I had our first L.A. experience on Friday night. Immediately following work, we went against traffic to the ABC studios in Los Angeles to get good seats at the filming of an episode of According to Jim. It was so exciting getting to meet Jim Belushi (the star of K-9 and Blues enthusiast). I was pleasantly surprised with how down-to-earth and friendly he was. He came out before the filming started and talked to all of us a bit. They filmed each scene 2-3 times, and sometimes more when Jim forgot his lines. It took almost three hours to film one episode. One thing we thought was interesting was that they would film alternate endings for every scene, so we are interested to see which combinations they actually use. Although I had never previously watched the show, we will be sure to watch this episode when it shows in December.

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Kate G. said...

C'mon, you can't forget Jim Belushi's prized role in "Curly Sue."