Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Tis the Season

The Christmas season is officially here. Patrick and I both act like giddy kids every time this year. We were strong enough to keep from listening to Christmas music until this last week, but who can stay away from Josh Groban's Christmas cd once they hear it? Yesterday we pulled out the Christmas decor. We put up our tree and reminisced of our first Christmas together in snowy Tennessee. We hung our stockings, lit Christmas scented candles and watched one of my favorites.....National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I have a old-man crush on Chevy Chase. We could watch Christmas movies all day long! We already have our DVR set to record the TBS Christmas movie marathon.

The season continued this morning when my wonderful husband let me sleep in and then took me to get Starbucks and cinnamon rolls. We are having a breakfast tailgate in "The Room" while we watch our bulldogs play the techies. About the starbucks trip---I am not a big starbucks all. I have recently, however, discovered a sweet mixture that has been haunting me since I was introduced to it on Thanksgiving. I ordered a simple Earl Grey tea when the barista asked if I had ever tried it with soy and vanilla. Although I was hesitant, I agreed....and WOW....I am so glad I did. It rocked my world. If you are a tea drinker (and you should is a much healthier alternative to coffee....not to mention soy is much better for you than milk....and vanilla is better for you than sugar and any chemically induced substitute), you need to try this. Just order a soy vanilla creme with an earl grey tea bag.

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