Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I officially joined facebook yesterday. Wow. All of a sudden I have "friends". I have, until yesterday, avoided the facebook and MySpace worlds for a few reasons:

1. Let's be honest, I don't really have a gajillion "friends"....my actual friends read this blog, email, and call.

2. I'm too busy to update my own status, let alone look at everyone else's. Why do you care that "Lindsey is drinking a frappe" anyway?

3. Quite frankly, I like to avoid awkward moments of ignoring a friend request. All of sudden I'm forced to either "befriend" someone I don't want to "befriend" or forever deal with the awkwardness that results from my rejection. I mean, what is this about? Just moments ago, we were both okay with the fact that we weren't friends. Now, I'm forced to make a choice. What if we have nothing in common? What, really, is the point in our facade of a friendship? Even worse, what if I just really don't want to be your friend. What if you are an ex-boyfriend, and I sincerely don't want to know what you are up to these days. The problem is that if I reject the potential friendship request, it appears that I have not let the past go or that I may still be struggling with emotions of this relationship. Which, I must add, is a false assumption. How is one to handle these potential issues?

Regardless of my reasons why, I joined the facebook community yesterday. I don't know why. Maybe it is because I heard that my college professors had a facebook account and I felt behind the times. I can immediately feel the competition of numbers. Numbers of groups you are a part of, number of invites you get, and most importantly, the number of friends you have. This thing will suck you in. We will see how it goes. But I will not, however, jump on the MySpace wagon.


Allison Murray said...

are you burning up??
how's your first california fire treating you???

i hate fire season...but i really miss california!!!!

Kate G. said...

What up lady. Just thought I'd remind you IT'S TIME TO BLOG AGAIN! I need to hear about your life...