Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting Settled

Things are staying busy out west. It seems we have something going on all the time. I am busy teaching during the day and job hunting every other waking moment. Thank God that my substitute job was extended to November 21st. I am busy applying to substitute in public schools and adjunct at nearby community colleges. Please be praying earnestly for the job situation.

Patrick is staying busy with work and school. He is speaking for the first time at 808 this Sunday night in the "Letters to the President" series Jeff started last week. After Sunday, the focus will be on the next Refuge, the Broom Ball event next week and campus outreach events at APU. On top of all of that, Hebrew is keeping him busy as well. He will be taking two classes next quarter so things will only get busier.

PLUS.....we are in L.A. and there is a ton to we are always on the go. In the midst of this busy season, we have still managed to take some updated pictures of our place a little more decorated than you saw it last. These pictures should give you a better idea of the layout....and how cozy things really are. Enjoy.


Kate G. said...

Your place looks awesome!! So cute. Can't wait to see it in person!

Allison Murray said...

where exactly are you?? LA?
i have such great friends there if you need ANYTHING.