Sunday, June 6, 2010

Your Exptertise Please

I LOVE weddings for so many reasons: the food (most importantly), dancing, getting dressed up, seeing people you haven't seen in a while and the love in the air (of course)! In October, I will have the opportunity to be a bridesmaid in my friend, Jessica's wedding. She and I have been friends since high school and were room mates in college. I can not wait for her wedding. You know how there are nice weddings, but then there are those weddings that you can't wait to see because you know the bride has such awesome taste???? Yeah....that is Jess' wedding. So, she sent me our bridesmaid dress options today. We get to choose one of the three and I am calling for your votes. Here are the facts you should keep in mind when voting:

1. I am tall (5'9), thin, with an extra small top and large bottom.

2. The color of the dress will be slate, not the color shown below.

3. The wedding will be in the Fall.

So come on folks.....bring on the votes!!!

The Marni

The Bacall

The Dylan


Megan said...

Wedding fun!

Ok, I'm gonna have to go with the Marni or the Dylan. I don't think the Baccall (or however you spell it) would look as good on your figure. Do you get the chance to try them on? Because that would be a key deciding factor! I had the same situation with a wedding I'm in in 2 weeks. I went into the try-on session with one dress in mind...ended up buying a completely different one because they looked SO different once I put them on! But those are my top votes...maybe pulling more for the Dylan (but also likely because I just like that one shoulder look A LOT!)

Lauren Dorman said...

I too like the Marni and Dylan. Luke looked at the three and choose the Marni as his favorite. I however like the one shoulder Dylan the most. I'm sure all will look great. I guess we really didn't help the case much though.

Roberson said...

My vote is the marni, but you'll look great in any!!!

Kate G. said...

Well, you already know my opinion... But I'll tell you again! My favorite is the Dylan. I'm just very into the one shoulder thing right now... Then the Marni. (I think you should scratch the Bacall-- that bow on the hip will do nothing to minimize that area-- NOT THAT YOURS IS BIG! :))