Saturday, March 13, 2010

You Know You're Jealous

Most of you know that Patrick and I are still on Dave Ramsey's plan to get out of debt. We are about a year away from being completely debt free. I can't wait for that glorious day. In the meantime, we are celebrating smaller victories. For every $10,000 we pay off, we reward ourselves; we named this tradition "Celebration Elimination."

Well, as soon as our tax return gets here, we will hit the first $10,000 mark for the 2010 calendar year. Woohoo! We decided to cheat a little and celebrate while we wait on the tax refund to get here. We just couldn't resist the opportunity to celebrate at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells....just 2 hours away. We couldn't believe when we heard that all of The Greats in tennis history were going to be on the court at the same time for a charity match to help Haiti. So...we got courtside tickets to the event and to Indian Wells we went.

The gates opened at 4:30pm and we had plenty of time to visit the outside courts. We got to watch Maria Sharapova's match...and then a ton of people I don't know. We had time to grab some dinner and then it was time to head to center court. The line-up for the ladies was Lindsay Davenport and Stephanie Graf vs. Martina Navratilova and Justine Henin. I must mention that because it was a charity match, they had a mic on all of the players. It was so much fun getting to see their personalities during the match...not to mention all of the trash talking.

The line-up for the men was a dream. Pete Sampras and Roger Federer vs. Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal. I couldn't imagine a better line-up. Roger and Andre did most of the talking. Nadal tried to jump in there a few times, but no one could understand his english.

And here is Nadal, living up to his reputation as a gold digger.

Do you recognize this guy?

That's's Tony Bennett. He came down and treated us all to a dose of his amazing voice.

The night ended with a real doubles match. Sam Querry and John Isner played against a couple of guys I don't know. When Isner took the court, Patrick and I threw out a little GA Bulldawg chant, that I am sure caught his attention. Gooooooo Dawgs....sic em!

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Jenny said...

I just read this post to Stephen. We are baffled and in awe of your dedication to pay off your debt. $10K in 3 months--that is insane and such a blessing!

Congrats, you two!