Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Warning: If you are easily grossed out by bugs, don't read this post.

So Friday night we went to our amazing landlords and friends house, just a few steps away, for dinner and gingerbread house decorating. Somehow this bug came up in conversation. Josh and Amy referred to it as an alien bug with fingers. We didn't believe them so Josh pulled it up online and.....wow! Apparently the Potato Bug is a southern California resident and usually only comes out when it has been raining. We found so many posts online from Californians who spotted one and couldn't believe how huge it was. Seriously, we saw one online that was over 2 inches long. What kind of insect has Flesh Ripping Barbs???

So......yesterday morning we were coming back from the gym and I suddenly stopped in my tracks. I spotted it. The nasty alien bug on our walkway. The very disgusting creature I had just seen online two nights ago! It was as long as our house key and just as ugly in person as it was online. It looks like a cross between a spider, a bee and a grasshopper. So sorry to gross you out, but I couldn't keep this to myself.


Kate G. said...

Lindsey, enough with the nasty bug stories. It's Christmas!!


those mitchells said...

sorry that i don't have any beautiful pictures of snow to talk about. all i have is bugs out here okay. :)