Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Christmas Time in the City....

In spite of the warm Southern California weather, Christmas is on it's way! After a wonderful Thanksgiving up in Big Bear with the Huxford family, we wasted no time putting up the Christmas decor. We didn't have much to decorate with, so I had to get creative to stretch the small budget we had to get a few things. Luckily, our place is small so we didn't have to do too much.

The Tree. We opt for the fake, pre-lit tree. I know. I know. But when I was young and we were still doing the real tree thing, my mom, sister and I came home to an apartment full of praying mantises. They were all over the walls, ceiling....everywhere. Apparently there was an egg in the tree and it hatched while we were out. GA-ROSS. Been doing the fake tree thing since then.

The Lights. I decided to add white lights all along the fence a few weeks before Thanksgiving. We needed more lights outside for when we hang out on the front porch. I love them and I think we'll be keeping them up year-round.

The Wreath. I love wreaths, but they are so expensive. One night I went to Target with the secret intent to blow some money on Christmas decorations. By the time I put everything in a buggy (aka "cart" if you aren't from GA) I was about to spend over $100. I couldn't do it. I remembered how creative The Nester is and challenged myself to get creative. I ended up paying $3.00 for the wreath and $1.00 for the bow. My wreath cost $4.00!

The Garland. When we were shopping for the $3.00 wreath, we found the garland for $3.00 too. We had a enough to spiral the posts on the front porch, the back railing and around 2 of our 5 doorways. I just added a cheap ribbon I had from last year to add a little flare over one of the doors.

I was sure to add some candles, picture frames, and door hangers too!

I love this time of year! My kitchen smells of baking pumpkin bread, my living room of the "firewood" scented Henry Bendel candle and my front porch of chimney smoke or burning leave piles. Well, that last part was before I moved to California....but who says you can't dream right?!


Almost A Bolton said...

It looks beautiful! (Although the story about the praying mantis' is SO nasty! Now I am looking at my tree in fear!)

Megan said...

You did a great job! And I also am totally grossed out by your praying mantis story...though, I still don't think enough to call it quits on our real trees!

Kate G. said...

I was about to give you crap about your fake tree until that praying mantis story-- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? How have I never heard that story?!

Also, I'm jealous of your molding and trim... :)