Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Kid for a Day

I wish I could post all the funny details about our trip to Disneyland today to celebrate Patrick's birthday, but I am still doing laundry and packing for a tip to St. Louis tomorrow. In short, I drug my husband to Disneyland for his birthday. I use the word "drug" because he doesn't like theme parks. I won't dive into my theory on that, but needless to say, we had never been to a theme park before. After many failed attempts of getting him to go, he finally gave me something to work with. He agreed to go to Disneyland on one of our birthdays, since you can go for free. Since my birthday is in the only cold month in California (February), we had to go on his. Before you go thinking I'm the worst wife ever because I made my husband spend his birthday doing something he doesn't like, I have to defend myself and say that we did have a birthday celebration with friends the night before...and I didn't MAKE him....I only encouraged him to try it. I must add, I caught him laughing a few times and even heard a "Woooo" on one of the rides. We may have made a huge leap forward here.


Megan said...

SO fun! I LOVE Disney! Happiest place on earth...no matter what age you are! You have no opposition from me for "forcing" him to go! I fully support your decision! :0)

lindsey and patrick said...

hahaha. thanks megan. i have to admit, i think disney world is a little better, but there is nothing like the original. don't tell anyone out here i said that. :)

Anonymous said...

I know he's been to a county fair at least ONCE. He didn't quite get it either.

Spent alot of time arguing with the carnies.