Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sleeping with the Enemy

This weekend marked the Annual Testing of the Mitchell Marriage. Each Fall I am reminded of the inevitable day of tension in our home. No, it may not be outright and obvious, but it is there nonetheless. It shows itself in small ways. Every Spring when I look at UGA's football schedule, there is always one game I find first.....the Georgia/Tennessee game. It is the first game I write in my calendar, and the game I actually have to prepare for. Why you ask?

My Knoxville native husband and I can put our SEC differences aside most every game of the season (unless a Tennessee victory directly effects the destiny of my Dawgs), but on this particular Saturday, every man (and woman) is for himself. On this Saturday morning my husband and I wake up and dress in two distinctly opposing colors. I adorn myself in Georgia red and black, and he in obnoxious construction worker orange. P.S.: Why can't Tennessee pick the same shade of orange for their helmets and jerseys?

Although the game was on the SEC network, which we obviously don't get in L.A., my savvy husband was able to track down the cords necessary to hook the Mac up to the TV and....thanks to, we watched the game in all its splendor. Needless to say, Tennessee reigned victorious (the end). husband was kind enough to take his orange off immediately after the game. I am a far worse loser than he.

And before I go, thank you guys for all of the musical recommendations. I plan on having a musical marathon at the end of the month!


Christie Lehren said...

Here are my hopes for the rest of the season now that all we seem to do is lose. Just beat Florida. I'm ok with losing every game but I would LOVE to play spoiler for them...Go Dawgs, even if it hurts

Mace and Brei said...

We have the same problem, only my man's a AU fan. Nasty. Too funny! Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog! Harrison and Lindsay are so precious to us - so glad ya'll are friends! I took those pictures in my header and edited them.

lindsey and patrick said...

I completely agree Christie! It would be amazing if we could beat Florida! Go Dawgs!