Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel Live

One of th great thingse many about the L.A. area is all of the free show tapings you can be a part of. We would love to go to more, but most of them tape during work hours. We have been able to enjoy watching "According to Jim", "Dancing with the Stars", and most recently, "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Patrick is the one officially in charge of getting us on waiting lists and keeping us with show schedules. He was quick to inform me that we needed to try our best to get to Jimmy Kimmel by mid afternoon. The guest list included Marisa Tomei, Dimitri Martin and Matthew McConaughey. Yes....Matthew McConaughey.

I definitely wasn't going to miss an opportunity to see Matthew McConaughey in person, so I got off work without hesitation. We tried hard to look our best, in hopes that we would get better seats than we did at "Dancing with the Stars". We arrived early enough to get a decent spot in line. We are definitely becoming veteran's at this audience member role. We know the deal....dress up because they put the pretty people up front and get there a few hours before they start letting you in. As we approached the inside of the studio we were both wondering if we would pass inspection and be awarded an enviable seat. As the "inspector" examined our outfits, smiles, and overall attractiveness we continued our conversation and acted like we didn't notice. But we couldn't continue the "be cool" act when he pointed to front row. We were like two kids in a candy store. We tried to keep our composure, but we were too excited to care. I literally couldn't cross my legs because the stage was in my way! I couldn't believe it. I observed Jimmy Kimmel's desk and the chair for the guest. I estimated that when Matt McConaughey made his way on stage, I would be sitting approximately 8 feet away from him!

Indeed it was a great night. We had great seats, great entertainment and even some great music. I did get to see good ol' Matt and isn't all it's cracked up to be. Don't get me wrong, he is an attractive man, but his face looked sickly thin and his age was more obvious in person. Matt was actually there to promote the first signed artist to his record label. Mishkah brought some great music to the night, especially if you enjoy reggae at all. It made me start thinking about a vacation this summer.


Becky said...

Ooohhhh, I bet Kathryn was SO jealous!

lindsey and patrick said...

I'm so excited to get a comment Becky! You just made my day.....forget made my week. Kathryn always gets a ton of comments and makes me feel lame. haha. Too bad she couldn't have spent more time here so we could have gone to a show together!