Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebration Station

The Mitchell house has been celebrating on and off for the last week. The celebrations started on Thursday, the night before my birthday. After being convinced that my husband had absolutely no plans for my birthday, I called him out and complained that he didn't plan things in advance. He laughed and mainly ignored the accusation, but I heard him quietly tell me to be ready to go at 6pm. That night, as I was finishing up (around 5:59pm), Patrick went to "warm-up the car." A few moments later, four of my wonderful girlfriends walked in the door for a surprise girls night. They took me to a yummy Italian restaurant (my fav), showered me with gifts and then I apologized to my gracious husband when I got home.

The next morning, my actual birthday, started with a surprise birthday party in my classroom. My amazing co-teacher had made arrangements with all of the parents and students to help create an adorable birthday party for me. When I walked into the dark classroom and turned on the lights, all the kids jumped out from behind some bookshelves and yelled, "SURPRISE!" They had decorated the room with streamers, a pinata and flowers. They were all so excited to surprise was SO cute.

The celebration continued at a Sunday afternoon lunch with about 15 friends....just in time to start Valentine's celebrations today. Patrick and I aren't huge V-Day people, but I recently revealed my inappropriate crush on Justin Bieber so I got a great v-day card and a cute Bieber poster. Isn't he cute???

The festivities will conclude tonight with some Chick-fil-A and the first week of birthing classes. What better way to spend Valentines Day than in a hospital learning about labor??!!

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Lauren Dorman said...

Don't worry! I love Justin too! Luke hates, but I just like him.