Thursday, February 17, 2011

9 Weeks....and Counting

I hit 31 weeks a couple of days ago. Pretty hard to believe. I can still remember the moment I read the pregnancy test. After 6 months of wanting and praying for a baby, God blessed us with a "Pregnant"on the digital pregnancy test. I remember the shock, the tears, and telling our wonderful friends who came to dinner half an hour after we found out. I still clearly remember the constant sickness of the first 18 weeks, the first pound gained (which felt like a victory since I had been so sick), the first time I had to wear maternity clothes, the first time we heard the beating heart of our little blob, the first time I felt him move and the moment I hit the half-way point-20 weeks.

As the day quickly approaches, my thoughts have shifted from the pregnancy to the labor and delivery. My heart is filled with joy, uncertainty and fear of the physical demands that will be put on my body. Since this is my first baby, I don't know what to expect and honestly would prefer to sleep through the whole thing. I know, however, that women do this whole labor thing every day and that I will be fine. With that being said, pregnant women are not notorious for trusting what they KNOW. I, at least, have become more emotional and illogical...especially as of late. I've been worrying about the health of Ben, the details of labor, the horrible recovery and anything else that seems to cross my mind. The little bit of sanity that I actually have left (maybe the Holy Spirit actually) has been reminding me, however, that God is God and He can do whatever He wants. This baby is His and I am His and He has the right to give and take away as He sees fit for His glory. He promises me He will never leave me or forsake me, that He has a good plan for me and that He watches over me. His promises must be sufficient for me. He must be enough. So, today I praise God for blessing us with 31 weeks of a healthy pregnancy and I pray that He will comfort me as I endure the pain and recovery of the fall of woman. :) Let's do this! 9 more weeks. :)

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Kate G. said...

You can do it!! Great post Linds. :)