Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Got An Itch

With school starting and the scortching sun simmering down a bit, I begin to get ancy for Fall kick off to come. Not just for college football, but for my fav shows:


Will he and Cuddy survive the dysfunction of their crazy relationship?? What will come of them? Will House stay clean or fall back into his addictive cycle? Will 13 and Foreman get back together? Will Taub ever become content in his marriage? Will Cameron show up and confuse Chase all over again?


super funny...mostly clean. Really hoping Jeff and Britta end up together...totally confused by the ending of last season.

and the newbie....Parenthood

This show started right after the Olympics last year. It's not super climatic, but it's a clean, fun, family show that is more realistic than "reality TV." LOVE the cast.

I must add that I haven't decided how committed I will be to The Office now that Steve Carell is out.

So, what shows do you watch???

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