Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick Get-Away

Between my husband's roles as college pastor and full time student, we try to squeeze in as many exploratory events as we can. L.A. offers an endless amount of things to do, so we haven't done anything twice. Last weekend we were able to take a quick trip to San Diego with the Huxfords. The trip went a little differently than planned, but it was adventurous. The 2 hour drive took 4 hours, due to the late Chargers fans on the way to the stadium. We had plans to attend ourselves, but my aunt (who we were staying with) lives so close to the stadium that we couldn't find parking for miles. We literally had to give up on getting to the apartment and going to the game. We just drove to a local bar and grill and watched from there. We were finally able to find parking and settle into the apartment during the 3rd quarter.

The next morning started with a trip to a local coffee shop and then a few hours at Balboa Park. It was beautiful! We went to one of the many museums and then to the botanical garden. As lunch neared we headed to Pacific Beach to join a small group of UGA fans to watch the game. Oddly enough, we were outnumbered by Michigan fans 10 to 1. Apparently everyone got too cold in Michigan and decided to move to San Diego together. Although my dawgs let me down, it was SO MUCH BETTER watching the game among SEC fans. I was quickly reminded of how much I love the SEC!

We spent the latter half of the afternoon at Hotel Del Coronado, which is where Marilyn Monroe stayed when she filmed "Some Like It Hot." The night ended with a sunset drive to see one of the California Missions and dinner at Chick-Fil-A....yes, Chick-Fil-A. We can never get enough.

Balboa Park

San Diego Bay

Hotel Del Coronado

California Mission Trail

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crazyinlovewithjc said...

let's go to that hotel thing when I come!!