Sunday, August 23, 2009

To Dodger Stadium We Go....

So sorry it has taken so long to update. The blog was undergoing a much needed update, courtesy of Kate G-Meyer.

As we approach our one-year mark in California (ca-razy), Patrick and I realized that we haven't made it to a Dodger's game. So....Patrick surprised me with tickets to the Dodgers/Cubs game Friday night. Because we live outside of L.A., we began the 30 minutes without traffic drive, two hours before the game. We got there early enough for me to pick up a cutsie Dodgers shirt and of course we had to go to Gordon Biersch for some Dodger Dogs and garlic fries (a must have for all you garlic lovers). The atmosphere was great and weather was usual in California. The stadium is set right outside of downtown L.A., which makes for a nice skyline view. The game was a blast, although Manny underperformed and it was really hard cheering against the Cubs. We were sure to stay for the Friday night Fireworks when they allow the fans to take over the field to get a good view of the fireworks light up the surrounding palm trees. Although the drive home took almost as long as the game itself, it was a ton of fun.

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Mrs. E said...

love the makeover...i changed my blog i'm trying to keep it updated even though you're the only one who knows about it so far...want to see if i can be successful with updating first :) great to see you a couple of weeks ago!