Thursday, June 4, 2009

Palm Springs

The next best thing to going home is having family visit California. My cousin Lori and her husband Jason were in Palms Springs this week and Patrick and I were sure to take time to hang out. It was my first trip to Palm Springs, and I must say it isn't the desert oasis I imagined it being. When I think of Palm Springs I imagine palm trees and kidney shaped pools. Not so much. In spite of the "June Gloom" lurking over the city, we have a great day with Lori and Jason. We took a trip on the tram...the longest, steepest tram in the world actually. There was a little too much spinning involved in the ride up, but it was a gorgeous view. By the way, I'm not being anti-affection in the picture above. It was COLD at the top so I was trying to keep warm. Of course we had to have some great mexican food and then we paid a visit to an outlet nearby. Yay for fun day trips in the middle of a work week.

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