Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Rescue

Not too long back I wrote about Invisible Children and how excited we were to be a part of it. A couple of weeks ago they hosted an event called The Rescue. 100 cities world wide participated in the event. Now that we live in a big city, we got to actually go. We joined 4,000 people in Santa Monica for a silent 3 mile walk to City Hall, where we camped out until we were "rescued" by a celebrity and the media. The idea was to raise awareness by getting the media and celebrities involved. We couldn't leave City Hall until a celebrity showed up and spoke about the children involved in the LRA in Uganda. We came prepared to stay the night. Luckily for us, we live in one of the two cities most celebrities call home, so we were technically "rescued" upon arrival by Tom Arnold, Veronica Mars (what's her real name?), some guy from the O.C. (not Adam Brody), and a few others. It was a blast. We got to meet Michael Yo and watch him do an E! News interview with a few of the other celebrities there. We finished the night with a dance party at City Hall. The height of the event actually came almost a week later when the Chicago Rescue event was finally rescued by Oprah. The people there camped out for one week until Oprah finally agreed to sit down and talk with them. If you watched the show that Friday, you saw them on the show. Unbelievable.


Allison Murray said...

shut up!!!!
i loooooove veronica mars!
(kristen bell by the way!)
way to go! :)

lindsey and patrick said...

Thanks..I don't know how she felt about me calling her Veronica. haha....but seriously. Hope all is going well in SAV. We think about you all the time out here! We will be in in July. We should get together.