Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our First Trip Home

Well, we finally returned to Cali after an almost two week trip to the southeast. Between Jeremy's funeral and my graduation, the trip was full of a mix of emotions....but it was a great trip overall. Patrick and I took the red-eye to Knoxville. I hate the red-eye flights. In order to make sure I slept on the flight, I took a Dramamine, which throws me into a serious realm of unconsciousness. The conflict came when I could not find one possible comfortable position that would allow me to sleep with my eyes clothes. Patrick, on the other hand decided to skip a night's sleep to watch a movie and physically restrain his outbursts of laughter. Oh, the irony.

As soon as we got off the plane, we realized how acclimated we have become to the warmth of California. Apparently Phil Fulmer was tired of the weather too, because we met him in the airport on his way out of Knoxville. Patrick was sure to thank him for his many years of service to the University of Tennessee. We had a great time visiting with family and of course Justin and Katie (we miss you guys!), and even got to enjoy a little snow!

From Knoxville we hit the road for Savannah....home sweet home. Patrick and I both had our lists of places to eat, with Spanky's and Vinnie's at the top. We spent just under a week in the Low Country and didn't slow down at all. We were quickly reminded of how large (and awesome!) our support system is. We tried our best to spend time with everyone, but wish we had had more time. We were able to meet baby Penny Bolen for the first time and got to visit the students at Element on Sunday. It was so great seeing everyone again! We also had a great time visiting with family. My amazing cousins, Lori and Jason, hosted a family gathering that allowed us to spend time with everyone at once. It was great! Thank you guys! It was so great seeing everyone and spending good girl time with mom and sisters. I think we went on a Cutter's run every day we were there! The whole trip was busy, but refreshing and greatly needed.

Amid the visits in Savannah and Knoxville, and in spite of our love for both of those places and the people there, Patrick and I became more and more grateful for the community that we are building here in California. The transition has undoubtedly been difficult (especially for me), but both of us felt renewed and ready to return with eagerness to invest in the lives and community here.

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Kate G. said...

Yay for a fun trip and rejuvenation for your mission in californ-eye-a! Two things: your hair looks great and I'd probably ask for that picture to be taken down if I were your mom. :)